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Stay Stationary Care Package

Image of Stay Stationary Care Package

Let me put together a fun surprise for you or a friend! You choose the amount you want to spend, and I'll create a care package that far exceeds the amount you spend in value.

What to expect:
- The $25 package will have some small goodies like cards, pins, patches, or stickers
- When you choose a $50 package, you'll get some of those goodies, and we'll add in a bigger item or two (think books and notebooks).
- For $75 or $100, you'll start to feel like it's Christmas in... whatever month we're in now. I'm talking a mix of the items mentioned above, plus ceramics or other special home goods.

The fun of this product is in the surprise, but I encourage you to add some info about the recipient in the notes at checkout, so I can tailor the mix of items to fit them perfectly.
- Are there kids in the household?
- Is there a favorite color or type of item that we carry in the shop?
- Even the recipient's birthday or a few words to describe them will help me personalize the package.